Flood scheme postponed

22 December 2009

At our meeting with the EA on 8 December we were told that the 100-year flood protection scheme for Oxford had been postponed indefinitely: see EA End of Year Update, 2009.

While disappointing it is not a great surprise: we have always been doubtful whether this scheme would ever materialise. That is why for two years we have pushed, successfully, for action NOW.
We will continue to press for early action: there are 8 or 10 further measures across our area which, at modest cost, could significantly reduce flood risk, by helping to restore the floodplain to its proper function, keeping water flowing through rather than accumulating. This should help to keep people dry from all but the most extreme events. The Environment Agency of course shares this aim. We will continue to work closely with the Agency; we believe we need to define a new Medium-term Flood Strategy for Oxford. We will be looking to our politicians, both locally and nationally, to ensure that the necessary works are fully funded, so that the serious threat facing thousands of homes and businesses in Oxford is reduced. We have begun to formulate our response. We will have decided how to proceed by the second or third week of the new year.