Lamarsh Road, Oxford, flood mitigation measures: a provisional report, October 2010

Munday’s underbridge [extracted and adapted from ‘Building on Success’ (above)]

SOFAG response to EA’s STM2 proposals, July 2010

Lamarsh Road plan, OFA, March 2010

‘Building on Success’, OFA, March 2010

Articles for the National Flood Forum Newsletter on making our homes flood resilient:

Nick Hills’s article, May 2009 page 16.

Peter Rawcliffe’s article, April 2008 page 14.


Bulletin December 2018

Bulletin October 2018

Bulletin July 2018

Bulletin May 2018


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Oxfordshire County Council has a “flood toolkit” at This site has a great deal of information on how to prepare for flooding and so on.

Oxfordshire County Council, Oxfordshire PFRA, April 2011.

Homeowners’ Guide to Flood Resilience [check for latest version at – a reputable and comprehensive site dealing withe many aspects of flooding].

Responding to Major Floods: What to expect from your home insurer, published July 2012 by the Association of British Insurers.

Flood Re Q&A (May 2016)

The Environment Agency website is a useful source of information. The main page for this is where there are links for signing up for flood warnings; preparing for a flood and getting help during and after; and checking flood warnings and river levels.

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