Railway access road – a dam

railway access road field aboveIMG_6523

Redbridge Point 3. Field immediately above the railway access road after snow melt on 10th February 2009. The road acts as a dam to flood water. It runs along the curve of the field on the right. Despite the relatively little water in the field at this stage the inadequate culvert under the road (below) is already full to capacity (there is a black pipe below the concrete sill). The following day one could not walk here even in wellingtons.


When flooding is more severe the water backs up to about a metre deep: tide line from January 2008 flooding.

railway access road bridge culvertIMG_6519

We have campaigned for improvements here and large new culverts are to be installed by the Environment Agency. A rough estimate suggests that when the water from here to South Hinksey is on average 20 cm deep, which happens quickly at times of flood, that there will be 56 million litres (12 million gallons) of water trapped between the access road and South Hinksey. Getting that water away earlier will benefit not only South Hinksey but everyone else upstream, to the Botley Road and beyond.