Oxford Flood Alliance

We’re a community group, formed in 2007. We campaign to reduce flooding in the Oxford area. Seven rivers meet at Oxford so the city’s very vulnerable, flooding six times since 2000. Climate change looks likely to make things worse. Working with the public bodies responsible for flooding, we’ve had real successes already, but more needs to be done. Houses and businesses need better protection, roads and railway must be kept passable and the City open for business.


  • our support for, and participation in,  the proposed multi-partner Oxford Flood Alleviation Scheme (Oxford FAS).
  • our emphasis on maintaining existing waterways so that they work as well as possible. We want to see more being done to encourage and help riparian owners fulfill their responsibilities.
  • we want to ensure that, as and when the Oxford Flood Alleviation Scheme happens, maintenance is properly provided for from the start.

A reminder from history: the floods of 1947. This flood was much bigger then any of recent years, but such a flood can, and almost certainly will, come again; there will also be many lesser floods: see the flood risk calculator.  Some photos from the summer 2007 floods here. Oxford needs protection already, climate change is likely to make things worse, the need for Oxford FAS is clear.

Our Alliance is run by a Steering Group:

Simon Collings (Osney Island), Nick Hills (Earl Street), John Mastroddi (Kennington), Adrian Porter (South Hinksey), Peter Rawcliffe (South Hinksey) (Chairman), Liz Sawyer (Botley Road).

We have Allies in areas not directly represented on the Steering Group : Wolvercote (Wolvercote Commoners – Nigel Walmsley), Wytham (Stella O’Gara, Parish Clerk), Binsey (Alison and Steven Cobb) and Old Botley (Angela MacKeith).

We have a mailing list, this website, and an Annual Public Meeting. We can be contacted in various ways.

Meet our Flood Stars.

RIVER LEVELS – the latest levels from a selection of sensors upstream and in and around Oxford.

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