Maintaining the flow through waterways is critical to keeping Oxford dry. This means periodically removing fallen branches and trees, flood debris and other obstructions. The Environment Agency (EA) undertakes this work regularly as part of its annual maintenance programme.

River watching

Members of OFA regularly survey local streams and report obstructions to the EA. We encourage members of the public to do the same.

If you see an obstruction on a stream or river, such as a fallen tree, please let us know via our contacts page, including the exact location. Photographs are helpful but do not put yourself at any risk taking one. We will contact the relevant authority. Time taken to clear debris varies depending on the equipment needed and prevailing river conditions.

Maintaining long rural stretches

We  encourage large riparian landowners to maintain the long rural stretches of waterways for which they are legally responsible. We are working jointly with the EA on this.

Fallen willow branches in Seacourt Stream, 2019

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