Maintaining the waterways is obviously vital.

‘River watching’

Local obstructions

If anyone sees an obstruction to a stream or river, such as a fallen tree, please let us know via email, with a brief description of the problem and its location. Photographs are helpful but do not put yourself at any risk taking one. We will contact the relevant authority. We cannot guarantee success but we’re in a good position to try. We have good relations with the Environment Agency team who can deal with many of the problems and respond quickly to reports. Actual clearance takes a variable time depending on the situation: permissions to access the river may have to be obtained and specialist equipment brought in. Other agencies can be slower.

Reports will be listed here (anonymously) until the obstructions are cleared. When cleared this will be noted. After a time the item will be removed from the list.

4/11/18 Being reported – tree branches on the Bulstake Stream.

Maintaining long rural stretches

We want to encourage large riparian landowners to maintain the long rural stretches of waterways for which they are legally responsible. We are working jointly with the Environment Agency (EA) on this, hopefully to include providing owners with practical advice on how to go about the work. We have already met with the EA. They have prepared an ownership map and we hope to meet with them again soon.

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