South Hinksey sewers

11 June 2013

Sewers are being cleared in South Hinksey.  The main sewer has been found to be badly blocked. There are many places in the pipe where groundwater is getting in – we hope these will be repaired by relining the pipe. Thames Water are having this work done following the sewer overflows in November and December 2012.

Reporting sewer flooding

3 January 2013

Where sewers are overflowing from manhole covers there is a risk that watercourses will become polluted. Such incidents can be reported, by any member of the public, to the Environment Agency Incident Hotline on 0800 807060 (Freephone, 24 hour service). Improvements are more likely to happen if incidents are reported.

Separately, the sewer company (locally Thames Water) may offer compensation if you experience sewer flooding in your house or garden. This needs to be reported directly to Thames Water. Check their website for details  Again, improvements are more likely to happen if incidents are reported to Thames Water as well.

Sewer flooding

Sewer emptying 25.12.12

South Hinksey, Christmas Day 2012

25 December 2012

Overflowing sewers being emptied on behalf of Thames Water (TW) in South Hinksey on Christmas Day. A big thank you to the men doing the work for the last few days and right through the Christmas season.

Sewer flooding has been a problem in parts of Botley, North and South Hinksey and Kennington for some years, but notably worse in the last three or four. Heavy rain regularly results in manholes overflowing with foul effluent. Before and during the November river floods, sewage overflowed in large amounts in South Hinksey, into houses, gardens and streets. The contaminated effluent entered local watercourses – pollution reports have been filed by the Environment Agency. Nicola Blackwood, MP, called a Public Meeting in South Hinksey. In a packed hall, Thames Water apologised for what had happened, and that some failings of theirs had not helped. They agreed, among other things, to publish plans to address hydraulic overload, blockages and the upgrade of Littlemore pumping station, to include an overview of timelines.

In the threatened floods now, TW tankers have been in South Hinksey regularly to empty the sewers, making a great improvement on November. The community now awaits the promised plans. There must be serious problems somewhere, which desperately need sorting out, because the sewers overflow when there is no river flooding – and more seriously in the last few years.

The Abingdon Road area had very similar problems in the November floods, with tankers employed to relieve the sewers.

Sewers get overloaded in flood conditions in parts of the Botley Road area.