Flood Support Grants

13 May 2014

Flood Support Grants – message from Oxford City Council: if you were affected by flooding between 1 December 2013 and 31 March this year, you might be interested in the financial support detailed in this Flood Support Leaflet. Anyone interested in applying can find application forms on the council website http://www.oxford.gov.uk/floodingsupport or call 01865 249811 for further information.

Oxfordshire County Council

19 January 2013

Oxfordshire County Council recently voted in favour of a 5% increase in the contributions of all county councils in the Thames region to the regional flood levy fund, and the vote was (just) carried in favour. This far-sighted move means that more central government funds will be attracted to schemes in Oxfordshire, rather than going elsewhere in the country. Effective flood defences for areas at highest risk will in turn curb the ever-increasing drain on Council funds when floods occur. We congratulate the Council and look forward to seeing schemes across the county in the places most at risk. Oxford is one such and we look forward to helping if we can.

Earl Street road hump completed

3 February 2011

Work began recently to create a road and pavement hump, at the north end of Earl Street, to stop floodwater on the Botley Road pouring like a river down Earl Street. The work is now complete. We have campaigned for this for over two years. It is a big step in the right direction for residents of Earl and Duke Streets. Thanks to all concerned at County, City and EA.

Building on the floodplain

22 July 2009

Nick Hills of the OFA Steering Group was interviewed by Geraldine Piers on BBC Oxford TV regional news.

The government is asking local authorities to build new houses – Oxford is due to provide 8000 more. Nick spoke about the importance of taking flooding into account when the siting of these houses is considered. Unless great care is taken, building in areas likely to flood not only puts the new properties at risk but increases the risk for existing properties.

Local authorities should think long and hard, and take the government’s PPS25 guidance into account, when considering the siting of new buildings.