Earl and Duke Streets

15 September 2009

The Earl Street/Duke Street Area Working Party is bearing fruit. This inter-agency group was established in response to a suggestion from OFA, quickly taken up by the EA and then taken forward by the agencies involved and OFA, led by John Copley of Oxford City.

Work has now begun. Engineers working for Thames Water are installing Penstock valves in each street. The Duke Street valve has already gone in and another is about to go in in Earl Street. The valves will be operated, if flooding threatens, to isolate the drains north of the Botley Road at this point from those in Earl and Duke Streets to the south, relieving the pressure on the drains there which are easily overwhelmed.

Further work, by Oxford City, will connect the rainwater gullies along both streets into the existing large underground pumps at the southern end, which pump into the meadow beyond.