Thames Water’s Oxford (sewer) Catchment Study – meeting

Two of us met with two people from Thames Water today. Thames Water are getting on with the first stages of their Oxford Catchment Study, designed to find out why we get sewer flooding in many parts of Oxford. Some technical studies have already been done, house to house interviews with residents in affected areas will begin quite soon. A dedicated website should be up and running shortly, possibly as early as next week.

We are delighted that this study is happening – Oxford is one of only five places in Thames Water’s area to be having such a detailed study. This is a necessary first stage in, hopefully, getting action to remedy the problems. We are helping in any way we can.

This study will be used, along with other evidence, to guide Thames Water when they consider how much the proposed Oxford Flood Alleviation Scheme would help solve sewer problems – and hence, presumably, how much they could consider contributing to that multi-partner scheme.

Thames Water agree how important it is that when new building is proposed that there is adequate prior consideration given, i.e. at the planning stage, to whether the sewer system will be able to cope.