Oxford Flood Alliance takes care to ensure that what we say on this website and elsewhere is as accurate as possible based on research, personal experience and discussions with executive agencies. But when making important decisions (for example, buying or selling a property, or spending money on restoring a property or making it flood resistant or flood resilient) you should NOT rely on the information on this website, or other statements from Oxford Flood Alliance, to make those decisions. You should check pertinent facts with the relevant authorities such as the Environment Agency; and you should take expert advice from architects, surveyors, lawyers or other qualified people as appropriate. Oxford Flood Alliance is unable to provide information or advice on specific properties. 

The National Flood Forum (NFF) and the Environment Agency (EA) may be able to help: see Contacts page. The EA will be able to advise on flood risk, whether anything has been done to reduce it and what is planned; they may charge for some information. The NFF can help with advice on insurance and give general advice on flood resistance or resilience measures. Other sources of information are on the Library page.

While we provide links to external websites, we cannot be responsible for their content.


We have had an increasing number of enquiries about this as more people are having difficulties. We are volunteers, with limited time available, and regret we are not able to respond to specific questions about individual properties: insurance brokers, trying several insurers, and the Environment Agency (03708 506 506, Mon-Fri, 8am – 6pm) are among avenues to pursue. The National Flood Forum (01299 403055) may be able to help.