Low Carbon West Oxford

21 May 2014

Simon Collings of OFA spoke about the proposed Oxford Relief River (aka Western Conveyance) at a public meeting organised by Low Carbon West Oxford. The main speaker was Dr Doug Parr, the Chief Scientific Officer of Greenpeace, who gave a presentation about climate change. Simon then spoke about the increased frequency of flooding in Oxford in recent years, the steps which have been taken to reduce flood risk in the city, and about why we need the larger scheme being proposed by the Environment Agency.

‘Enough is Enough’

19 March 2014

‘Enough is Enough’ – read more about Oxford’s flooding and  the Western Conveyance proposal.

Caveat and disclaimer: this article is written in good faith as our best understanding at the time of writing, March 2014. However very little is decided for sure, and things can and will change, the scheme may never even happen, so nothing said here should be taken as gospel or relied on for taking important decisions.