OFAS: archaeological investigations

Further archaeological investigations are starting soon in the OFAS area, with digging of trenches in places identified from previous work as being of potential interest. Teams are due to begin setting up base camp in Manor Farm, South Hinksey today. The work is expected to be completed in November 2017.

See this Archaeology Information Sheet for more details.

Sewer survey starts soon

Oxford has had serious problems with sewer flooding for years, mainly at times of river flooding. Now Oxford has been chosen by Thames Water as one of only a handful of places in their region to have this investigated in detail, so they can decide how best to go about making real improvements.

Surveys of the sewers themselves have been under way for some time. Now, within the next two or three weeks, representatives from Thames Water will begin to knock on doors in areas of Oxford and environs that have experienced sewer flooding of house or garden, or toilets that will not flush during floods. The more that Thames Water know about the problems the better they will be able to solve them, so we urge everyone to give as much information as they can. This really is a big chance to see things improve.

We will post more details as they become available.