We lost the vote by a squeak – but we won all the arguments

The Oxford Mail has reported already. We’ll have a great deal more to say about what went on, but for the tonight the article speaks for itself.


This is far from over yet, this was only the first round, the fight continues unabated tomorrow.

NO NEED! Meeting to decide the Seacourt application today


Two other posters which will be on display tonight


Meeting to decide the Seacourt application tomorrow – our posters for display

We will display these postersĀ (and others) at the meeting of the Oxford City Council West Area Planning Committee to decide the Seacourt park and ride extension planning application, which (as you may have gathered by now) we oppose. The meeting is tomorrow evening (12 December) in the Assembly Room at the Town Hall and is open to the public; if you oppose the application please do attend. The meeting starts at 6pm and this will be the first application to be considered.