Clearing Seacourt Stream under the A34 near Wytham

2 October 2009

Work began a couple of days ago on the Seacourt Stream just below Wytham, where it goes under the A34. The Environment Agency has desilted the stream and cut back the bank immediately above the culvert. We’re told that further work will be done to clear vegetation in the near future.

Kathy Day, Clerk to Wytham Meeting, writes:

‘This is Wytham’s ‘pinch point’ as the water from our part of the flood plain has to flow into the Seacourt Stream, then through the relatively narrow channel under the A34. Our thanks to OFA – and to Nigel Bray, EA, who have listened to the Parish Meeting’s points about this and acted upon them’.

OFA comments:

This work is very welcome. The improvement must maintained by regular maintenance in the future. It should never have been allowed to get into its recent poor state in the first place. Budgets for maintenance need to be substantially increased centrally so the local team can get on with the job. This applies not only here but throughout the Main River system in the area. Good work has been done recently to clear Seacourt Stream below the Botley Road and this is, we understand, to be extended south. Very welcome news but, again, it must be kept clear in future by adequate maintenance.