Burst main

5 October 2014

Peter Rawcliffe was interviewed by Bill Heine on Radio Oxford, to do with flooding in Normandy Crescent (between Hollow Way and the Eastern By-Pass) caused two weeks ago by a burst water main. About 50 houses were flooded – a catastrophe for many people. The area was flooded by a previous burst seven years ago, very possibly on the same mains pipe. We remember too the burst water main in South Hinksey in February 2012, when several houses were flooded: some were still undergoing repair 18 months later. Edit: to that add the inundation of Earl Street by a burst main in 1990 or 1991. There are probably others.

 Do we now have a “new cause” of flooding to add to the list?

  • Are these disasters a reflection of a poor state of mains pipes more widely in the Oxford area?
  • Can we expect more burst mains as old pipes fail?
  • When the repair is done at the site of the rupture, is the rest of the pipe being checked to assess its state?
  • If so, is this being acted on speedily?

We hope Thames Water will, in Normandy Crescent (and anywhere else)

  • be speedy and thorough in its clear up
  • communicate well with residents
  • promptly investigate the state of the whole pipe concerned
  • make public the results of those investigations

act on them promptly and effectively.