More on the work in progress at Munday’s bridge

It looks as if good progress is being made. We’re told the wooden posts will be removed, towards the end of the work.

Munday’s bridge: Network Rail start work to improve the channel

Munday’s bridge under the mainline railway at Kennington is an important route for flood water to leave the west Oxford flood plain. A lot of work was done to improve it in 2013 but the channel itself under the bridge was never properly cut and profiled and large wooden posts were left in situ in the channel. Work started yesterday to put these things right.

Work begins at Munday’s

8 April 2013

Work has now begun to improve Munday’s bridge, Kennington. It has been a very long wait (see 9 March) but well worth waiting for. We have been critical of Thames Water recently, over sewer flooding in various parts of Oxford, but on Munday’s we owe them a big thank you, as their work will help not only in Kennington but in the west Oxford flood plain generally. Especial thanks too to the residents who are having to put up with months of work, including pile-driving at night.

Munday’s bridge under the railway at Kennington

9 March 2013

We have been urging that this serious bottleneck near Redbridge be sorted out since 2007. Improvements were made in 2009, but more was needed.

Now there is a multi-partner project between Thames Water, Network Rail, Oxford City Council, Vale of White Horse District Council and Oxfordshire County Council to make further improvements. Delays due to legal issues have now been resolved, thanks to help from Oxford’s two MPs, Nicola Blackwood and Andrew Smith. We hope work will now start in early April, but as things are now almost a year late we will only be sure when it actually begins. Nevertheless, action is in sight, and will help reduce the flood risk for many people.


3 January 2013

River levels are still about 1m above normal in the west Oxford floodplain. This emphasises the difficulty water has in getting away from our area. It  has to get under the main-line railway to reach the Thames. There are three bridges under the railway downstream of the Botley Road.

We have been campaigning about the furthest downstream, Munday’s bridge, a 60ft bridge at Kennington, for some years. We are eagerly awaiting the start of a Thames Water project to greatly improve the flow of water under the bridge. There have been delays, but we are optimistic that the work will go ahead reasonably soon. This should reduce flooding of property and the railway line.

Munday’s bridge, 22 Sept 2012

22 September 2012

Thames Water is about to begin work to sort out the area of Munday’s bridge under the railway in Kennington. As well as dealing with local flooding in Kennington, the work will allow the whole western floodplain to drain better, to the benefit of all in our area upstream. All credit, and thanks, to Thames Water for doing this substantial and important work. See

We have been concerned about this area since we formed in 2007. That concern arose from the special local knowledge of John Mastroddi, a founder member of OFA’s Steering Group, who had been concerned for many years before that. His garden backs onto the site, although his house has never flooded. The local flooded community owes a debt to John and his wife, and their neighbours, for the sacrifices they are making so this work can be done: see our recent letter to the Oxford Times:

Munday’s bridge, December 2011

15 December 2011

Progress after years of trying! Thames Water have a project to improve flood water drainage off the Kennington Road and this will include extensive work at Munday’s to ensure that water can then get away from the area. This is extremely good news, as Munday’s is a severe pinchpoint holding water back in the floodplain west of the railway. Thames Water hope to start work in the spring.

New culverts under Willow Walk, North Hinksey

16 December 2010

Oxford City and the Environment Agency have worked together towards getting new flood culverts installed here. We have now heard that work is expected to start around 10 January 2011 (weather permitting).

This should help keep flood water moving, not allowing it to build up so badly.

It is something we suggested and have pressed for for some time. Thank you EA and City.