Towle’s Mill

The Environment Agency made major improvements at Towle’s Mill on the Hinskey Stream in late 2006 / early 2007. This was prior to OFA’s existence but Peter Rawcliffe and Andy Webber (both founder members of OFA) and Chris Hurdman campaigned together for this to be done. Prior to the work there was a serious restriction of flow due to an old mill race and a very inadequate by-pass channel. For historic reasons the mill race was retained, but the by-pass channel was expanded considerably with a new, wider, weir. One of the key EA people working on this was Nigel Bray, since made an OFA Flood Star.

towle's mill weir before, nov2006 DSCF2608Before: weir November 2006

towle's mill channel after IMG_0872_2_2After: weir April 2007

towle's mill by-pass beforeDSCF2615Before: channel November 2006

towle's mill channel after IMG_0872_2_2 After: channel April 2007