Susanna Pressel, OFA Flood Star

10 July 2009

Susanna Pressel, City and County Councillor, has been very supportive of the flood-stricken residents in West Oxford since 2000, the first of the three recent floods. She’s been present at most, if not all, of the numerous meetings held by and on behalf of the various executive agencies and has shown a keen interest in the activities of OFA since our formation in November 2007. Susanna has actively promoted relevant initiatives and was instrumental in the installation of the permanent pumps in Earl Street. She is currently involved in the provision of a flood barrier that will help to protect the residents of Bullstake Close, affording, it is hoped, secondary protection to Earl and Duke Streets as well. It was good to see her, most recently, at the OAFP meeting in July and lending her voice to the EA’s in-house video of their Communications Director Adrian Long’s visit to Nick Hills’ house in Earl Street (28 July).