OFA Annual Public Meeting, 2009

3 December 2009

We had a successful meeting on 26 November 2009. Over 80 people attended, from all our areas and including City Councillors, County Councillors and Prospective Parliamentary Candidates. We welcomed Charles Tucker, Vice-Chair of the National Flood Forum who spoke of the work of the NFF, including currently in Cumbria. The Wolvercote Commoners have recently joined the Alliance and we were pleased to have Nigel Walmsley attending on their behalf.

Bottles of “OFA 2009, Special Star Reserve” wine were presented to our new Flood Stars Susanna Pressel and Nigel Bray, who were thanked for all they had done for flooded people in the area. Mary Timbrell, our third Star, could not attend as she was away, but a bottle awaits her return.

The meeting resolved to send a message of support to Cockermouth and Keswick. (This has now been done.)

Members of the Steering Group presented a review of the past year’s achievements, and looked forward to next year.

A lively discussion followed with many contributions from the floor. OFA was thanked by the audience for what it had achieved so far.