Our Annual Public meeting is this Wednesday, 25 April

For anyone not on our mailing list, our Annual Public Meeting is this Wednesday, 25 April at West Oxford Democrats Club, 1 North Street, Osney Island, Oxford OX2 0AY.

Doors open at 7 pm, meeting starts at 7.30 pm.

City Councillor Colin Cook will be made Oxford Flood Alliance’s ‘Flood Star’ for 2018, in recognition of his support throughout the last 10 years – not least in this past year for his sterling and principled support of our opposition to the Seacourt P&R extension application (below).

There will be two speakers from the Environment Agency on the Oxford Flood Alleviation Scheme – Jon Mansbridge on the progress so far and Penny Burt on environmental aspects.

We will discuss the controversial Seacourt P&R extension application, now approved, which has taken so much of our time and effort over the past year and more.

Graham Brogden from insurers Aviva will talk about property level resilience.

Everyone is very welcome to attend.



Cambridge ‘Moisture in Buildings’ conference

Following an invitation from Steve Hodgson of the Property Care Association, Adrian Porter of OFA spoke at their ‘Moisture in Buildings’ conference in Cambridge on 12 May 2016. Adrian writes:

‘It was interesting to be able to inform the building trade of the direct benefit that their work can have on consumers, from a very personal perspective, and also how they and the insurance industry need to collaborate to enable homeowners to make the right decision on property level protection.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that not only do the PCA acknowledge the need to improve standards across the building sector, but also that their members are hugely passionate about resolving the problems created by poor workmanship once and for all, for each homeowner.’

Delegate comments and the presentations can be found here:

Flood Re

We welcome the recent launch of the Flood Re insurance scheme, which should ensure every homeowner can get affordable flood insurance for their property, but only if it leads to wholesale changes to the way the insurance industry responds to flood events.

Insurers are being asked to pay into a central fund that will be used to cover the cost of claims made by homeowners affected by flooding. This should mean an end to the sky-high insurance premiums and policy excesses that many of us have had to endure over the years, and will allow people to insure their homes against flooding when previously it was unaffordable. The flip side is that it is likely insurers will pass the cost of the creating the fund onto all their policy holders which will result in an average increase in annual premiums of about £10.50 per household. It is also only available to owner-occupied properties, not those in rental accommodation.

To find out more and to see whether your insurance company have signed up to the scheme please visit http://www.floodre.co.uk.

Although a positve first step, we at OFA would like to see insurers work to reduce the total amount paid out due to flooding by:

  1. Contributing to local and national schemes that reduce the impact of flooding
  2. Advising and incentivising homeowners to protect their properties appropriately
  3. Working with local agencies to ensure adequate response is provided during and immediately after a flood event.

Flood insurance

29 June 2013

For months there have been cries from the back seat of ‘Are we there yet?’ and the reply ‘Very, very nearly’ from the government and the insurance industry. At long last an agreement has been reached, see Flood Re Briefing Note from the Association of British Insurers (pdf download). Both Oxford MPs, Andrew Smith and Nicola Blackwood, have been active in the House of Commons and behind the scenes in pushing for this. So has Brian Durham, member of the OFA Steering Group and Co-chair of the South Oxford Flood Action Group, SOFAG. Our thanks to them all.