South Hinksey ‘barrier-ready’ works all but complete

In South Hinksey, the works designed to make deploying temporary defences, should flooding threaten, quicker and easier, are almost complete.

Three flap valves have just been installed on pipes which connect into field ditches. These non-return valves will allow water out from within any temporary barrier but not allow it back in from the flooded area outside.

Elsewhere wide garden gates have been installed, reinforced fences built, and removable fence panels fitted.

A very few minor snagging items remain, but the scheme is otherwise complete and fully ready for temporary barriers. Many thanks to the Vale of White Horse District Council for funding and to the Environment Agency for organising the work – not least to engineer Magnus Williams who has managed the scheme from its inception to its completion. Thanks too to farmer Nick Frearson, and to the horse owners for their cooperation during the works.

Rehabilitating Ferry Hinksey ditch

22 March 2012

Work is well advanced in rehabilitating a ditch on the west edge of the Ferry Hinksey trading estate, at the east end of Willow Walk. We pointed out some time ago that this ditch had deteriorated to the extent of disappearing in places, and being completely cut off in others. Oxford City Council, led by engineer Steve Smith, designed and obtained government funding for the work. About 90% is now complete, but finishing is delayed by finding two high voltage cables that are not shown on any utility company records. Once this is sorted out the work will be completed. Well done to all concerned.