The three pinchpoints

01 February 2010

The three pinchpoints we targeted at Redbridge have now been dealt with. Last to go, the level crossing bridge which was obstructing the Main River at Redbridge known as Hinksey Drain (see here), has now been completely removed by Network Rail.

More work still needs to be done at Munday’s. In the much longer term a way may need to be found to get water under the railway even more effectively.

Removal of the redundant level crossing bridge

19 January 2010

From our man in Kennington: “Network Rail have started the work to clear the concrete bridge.” This is the redundant level crossing bridge at Redbridge which obstructs Hinksey Drain. It is the final one of the three pinchpoints at Redbridge, that we highlighted in 2007, to be dealt with. Very good news indeed!

The photos show before, during and after: