New Network Rail culverts under railway access road

8 October 2011

This summer, Network Rail have carried out work to improve flow on Hinksey Drain as it passes under the railway access road north of the red brick road bridge near Kennington. Some of us have campaigned for this since 2004, before OFA was formed. It is excellent to see such a good job done – worth the wait! A big thank you to Network Rail.

The three pinchpoints

01 February 2010

The three pinchpoints we targeted at Redbridge have now been dealt with. Last to go, the level crossing bridge which was obstructing the Main River at Redbridge known as Hinksey Drain (see here), has now been completely removed by Network Rail.

More work still needs to be done at Munday’s. In the much longer term a way may need to be found to get water under the railway even more effectively.

Railway access road – new culverts

6 March 2009


A tree cut hard back and shrubs cleared preparatory to work beginning at the railway access road at Redbridge.

Edit: As at early June we still await a firm start date; work was originally hoped to start last December. We are assured by the EA that the money remains available and that the work will go ahead.