OFAS: ground investigations under way

Digging a test pitTest pit being dug at South Hinksey, 24 September 2015

Test pits are being dug and boreholes drilled over the flood plain below the Botley Road to examine what the ground consists of. Evidence of significant archaeology is also checked for. The information will be used to inform the modelling and planning for the Oxford FAS.

‘Drilling for Oxford’s relief channel begins’  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-oxfordshire-34287878

‘Oxford Flood Alleviation Scheme: ground investigation work begins’  https://www.gov.uk/government/news/oxford-flood-alleviation-scheme-ground-investigation-work-begins

South Hinksey sewer flooding

We held a meeting on 20 August 2015 to discuss this, especially in relation to possible temporary bunding of the village at time of river flooding.

Representatives from Thames Water (TW), the Environment Agency (EA) and of OFA from South Hinksey met. We had an interesting and fruitful discussion. These actions were agreed:

Thames Water (TW) to initiate a clean of the box culvert north of the village (by today, 27 Aug, this has already been ordered) and update us further on the work that has been, and still is being, done to considerably improve the pumping station at Littlemore.

TW will consider OFA’s suggestion of a sewer bypass for the village, as part of the ongoing Oxford Catchment Study.

Adrian Porter for OFA will fit a chain and handle to the existing non-return flap valve on the Manor Road surface water outlet to enable manual override if necessary.

The suggestion of a memorandum of understanding between the EA and TW, as to how sewer flooding would be dealt with at times of fluvial flooding, especially if a temporary bund were deployed, will be taken forward by the EA.

Many thanks to Thames Water and the Environment Agency for meeting with us and their very positive approach to the problems.

South Hinksey groundwork – update

South Hinksey: groundwork for temporary flood barriers

Permissions have to be obtained, plans drawn and contracts agreed, so it will be a time till diggers appear. Funding is thanks to the Vale of White Horse District Council. Execution is shared between the Council and the Environment Agency.  Surveying has begun. Work on the ground is now expected to begin in September.

South Hinksey barrier-ready groundwork given the go-ahead

South Hinksey’s community demo last October sought financial support for groundwork so we would be able to use temporary flood barriers to protect the village. Great news that our Vale District Council has agreed to pay for this groundwork – needed to level the land, and provide for crossing a field ditch.

Permissions have to be sought, plans drawn and contracts agreed, so it will be some time till diggers appear. Surveying has already begun.

While the Environment Agency cannot promise barriers till the day, the omens are good. The ground will be ready, as will our community team to put the barrier up.

South Hinksey demo

IMG_6138 South Hinksey demo

25 October 2014
Successful South Hinksey ‘demo’ to press for temporary barriers should flooding come again. OFA supported the PC and community – who are asking for preparatory groundwork to be done by the Vale District Council. The village will provide volunteers to erect the barrier. Well over 100 people came from throughout the parish, plus OFA Steering Group members, and formed a ‘human barrier’. Our MP Nicola Blackwood, our Labour PPC Sally Copley and our LibDem PPC Layla Moran were all there supporting us. The event was reported, with photograph, in the Oxford Mail and Oxford Times.

A flap valve for South Hinksey

7 October 2014

South Hinksey: Oxfordshire County Council Engineers are to fit a non-return flap-valve to a surface water drain where is empties into a field ditch: this will prevent water pouring from the ditch into the street in low-order flood events. The Parish Council requested this, and was supported by OFA. The work should be done this month. Thank you County Engineers.

OAFP meeting

1 October 2014

OFA attended today’s OAFP meeting:

We asked the EA about progress on our proposals for working with them to ensure that riparian owners maintain the long rural stretches of waterways for which they (the owners) are legally responsible. The EA have prepared an ownership map as we agreed when last we met, so we hope to meet with them again soon.

The problem of flood water (groundwater?) in the back gardens on both sides of Earl Street was discussed. It is hoped  that pumps in two gardens and property-level protection will resolve the problem: OFA and the City Council are working together on it.

OFA’s recent reconnaissance trip by canoe from South Hinksey to Redbridge discovered several serious obstructions, trees and so on. We showed photographs of some of them today and they have been reported to the EA as needing removal.

South Hinksey sewers

11 June 2013

Sewers are being cleared in South Hinksey.  The main sewer has been found to be badly blocked. There are many places in the pipe where groundwater is getting in – we hope these will be repaired by relining the pipe. Thames Water are having this work done following the sewer overflows in November and December 2012.