Northway & Marston Flood Alleviation Scheme Public Information Events

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Further public drop-in meetings for Oxford Flood Alleviation Scheme

Further public drop-in sessions are now arranged for the Oxford Flood Alleviation Scheme. These are for people to see and comment on the various options developed for the channel, ask questions and make comments and suggestions. The consultation will be available online as well.

All are from 2:30 to 7 pm – come when you like:

  • Tuesday 19 January          Oxford Town Hall, OX1 1BX
  • Wednesday 20 January   Abbey House (Council Offices), Abingdon, OX14 3JE
  • Friday 22 January             South Oxford Community Centre, OX1 4RP
  • Wednesday 27 January    Kennington Village Centre, OX1 5PG
  • Thursday 28 January       West Oxford Community Centre, OX2 0BT.

Notice of our Annual Public Meeting – next Thursday, November 19th

Oxford Flood Alliance logoANNUAL PUBLIC MEETING:


At The Democrats, Osney Island, 7.30 pm. Entrance at the north end of East Street.
Doors open from 7.00 pm.



Network Rail on their plans to clear blocked culverts under the railway north of Redbridge.

Environment Agency on the multi-million pound Oxford Flood Alleviation Scheme (FAS) (Western Conveyance)

Thames Water on their major review of Oxford’s sewers.


Hear our ideas on how Oxford FAS might be maintained not only for flood alleviation but also for wildlife.

Local planning applications, Weirs Mill Stream – and more.

Final OFAS public consultation events

This week saw the last two public drop-in events of this series, at the Town Hall and South Oxford Community Centre. Again they seemed well-received by visitors and valuable comments were made and recorded. The partners in the scheme, including OFA, have enjoyed meeting the many visitors, hearing their views and concerns. Hopefully people have been reassured by what they have learnt: certainly that has been our predominant impression.

Meanwhile, consultants have recently begun work on the next step – of preparing more detailed plans. The comments and suggestions received at these drop-in events are being collated and will be used in this planning.

Expect more public events in the autumn.

Public consultation events continue

Following on from the first meeting in Kennington, there have been meetings in Abingdon and the West Oxford Community Centre. Partners in the schemes, including OFA, have listened to concerns and suggestions from members of the public and explained, as far as is known at this stage, what the Oxford and Abingdon Flood Alleviation Schemes aim to achieve and what they may consist of. Generally those attending have been very positive about the schemes.

Oxford Mail report on the meeting at WOCC

The final two events are this afternoon, 30 June, at Oxford Town Hall and on Friday, 3 July, at South Oxford Community Centre, both 2.30-7.30 pm.

First OFAS drop-in session, Kennington

First OFAS drop-in session, KenningtonThe first OFAS drop-in session in Kennington this afternoon.

Representatives from the Environment Agency, the County Council, Thames Water, consulting engineers, and three of us from Oxford Flood Alliance, were there to explain the scheme, answer questions and listen to suggestions.

The event was really popular, with a steady stream of visitors from 2.30 to close of play at 7.30 pm. There was a lot of discussion, and many valuable suggestions based on local or specialised knowledge (from concerns about particular local flood risk, to ecology, to canoeing) were made. Hopefully too people left with a good idea of the rationale for the scheme and what it may entail. Certainly many said that they had appreciated the event and hoped there would be more – and indeed the plan at the moment is to run similar events in the autumn.

Report in the Oxford Times

The next events in the present series are this Thursday in Abingdon and Friday at the West Oxford Community Centre (see two posts back).

Public drop-in meetings for Oxford and Abingdon Flood Alleviation Schemes

Public drop-in sessions are now arranged for the Oxford Flood Alleviation Scheme (OFAS). These sessions are for people to find out about the scheme, ask questions and make suggestions. All are from 2:30 pm to 7:30 pm – come when you like.

  • Tuesday June 23       Kennington Village Hall OX1 5PG
  • Thursday June 25     Abingdon Guildhall OX14 3HL (both Oxford and Abingdon schemes)
  • Friday June 26           West Oxford Community Centre OX2 0BT
  • Tuesday June 30       Oxford Town Hall OX1 1BX
  • Friday July 3               South Oxford Community Centre OX1 4RP.

Prime Minister visits Oxford

PM visiting Oxford_Dec2014

From L: Barry Russell (EA); Nicola Blackwood, MP; David Cameron, Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister, Mr David Cameron, visited Oxford today. This was related to an announcement that £42 million should be available to the Oxford FAS. While this was anticipated, as Flood Defence Grant in Aid money allowable for the proposed project, to have it announced in this public way is very welcome as it adds impetus and weight to the proposal.

It does not imply though that the Scheme is a done deal: there is a rigorous assessment procedure and further public consultation to be gone through before the Treasury finally decides whether the project should go ahead.

It is also the case that no specific scheme, formally proposed, exists yet: that is still being worked on.

It was good to meet the new Chairman of the Environment Agency, Philip Dilley.

8th Annual Public Meeting

APM 2014 welcome13 November 2014

Our 8th Annual Public Meeting attracted a good audience, including local politicians. This year we had three guest speakers as well as presentations from OFA on matters concerning local areas.

John Copley and Barry Russell were made OFA Flood Stars. John has expertly chaired the Oxford Area Flood Partnership since its inception in 2007. Working behind the scenes, he and the partnership have achieved a very great deal in this time. Meanwhile, a well known presence in his waders in every recent flood, Barry, from the Environment Agency, is a key figure in managing flooding on the ground. He has also been involved in many of the flood prevention measures taken here in recent years. We are immensely grateful to them both for all they have done, all the hard work and long hours put in. They have made a real difference.

Ben Ward spoke about Oxford Flood Network’s plans to install water level monitors in the Oxford area to provide live information on water levels, to a computer or smartphone, during flooding, on a much more local scale than at present available. This is an exciting prospect and we welcome it. Ben is looking for people who are prepared to have a (compact) sensor device sited, say, in their garden, or other suitable location.

Nick Ross and Matthew Rose presented Thames Water’s plans for a three-year comprehensive survey (already just begun) of main sewers throughout the Oxford area. This is very welcome as there have been many serious problems with foul sewer overflow, especially during floods.

Richard Harding and Barry Russell of the Environment Agency explained the Oxford Flood Alleviation Scheme. This c. £125 million scheme is intended to reduce the risk of flooding in Oxford to once in 75 years (though some areas may still be affected more often) – assuming that climate change does not conspire to make things worse (as it well may). A lively discussion ensued, which will no doubt be continued elsewhere.

Thank you to everybody who came and for the generous donations to support our work.